Heating Oil

Huntsville Fuels supplies both stove oil and furnace oil to our home heating customers.

Stove oil is a type of heating oil that is further refined in order to lower its pour point (the point at which the fuel becomes gel) which provides a product that is best suited to outdoor oil tanks in our colder northern Canadian climates.

We also carry both furnace oil and premium furnace oil for our home heating deliveries. Furnace oil has a higher pour point whereas premium furnace oil has a lower pour point. This ensures we can meet the needs of both our indoor and outdoor oil tank customers during our winter months.  We do not want your tank froze up in the winter months.
We also offer a program to help insure against the cost of rising prices.  Please contact our office for more information on capping your heating oil price.

Remember to take advantage of other offers on your heating oil like early payment discounts, budget payments etc.