Nee-vo Otodata App

Accurately monitor your tank level online or app on your phone.

Nee-Vo Otodata

Accurately monitor your tank level!

With Nee-Vo, trying to guess tank levels is now a thing of the past. Get accurate, real-time readings of all your tanks instantly on your smartphone.

Key characteristics of the Nee-Vo app:

1. Accurately track the level of your tank in real-time from anywhere.
2. Consult your usage for the past 3 months in the blink of an eye.
3. Receive instant notifications on your smartphone when your tank reaches configurable and pre-determined levels.
4. With just one tap, contact your fuel supplier to request service or a refill.
5. Monitor and manage multiple tanks from one account.
6. Share access to data with up to 3 users.

Important: The Nee-Vo app requires the installation of the Nee-Vo telemetry unit to function.



Nee-Vo Otodata App