Huntsville Fuels has access to all that Shell Canada has to offer. Full serve gas station, touchless carwash, home heating oil, propane, diesel and lubricants.

Huntsville Fuels is a Canadian Association Propane dealer! We have been fuelling the Huntsville – Parry Sound area for over 80 years and we’ve decided to expand our product offering. We will happily deliver propane to your home, business or cottage.
Huntsville Fuels supplies Shell Canada heating oil both stove oil and furnace oil to our home heating customers. Options include stove oil, furnace oil and supreme furnace oil for inside and outside heating.
Backed by the Shell guarantee and ISO certifications, the lubricants are specifically designed to increase the life of your equipment and reduce the amount of maintenance needed while improving the productivity of your machinery including automotive, grease and marine lubricants.
Huntsville Fuels offers gasoline products to various agencies in the Huntsville Area. We deliver premium, regular, midgrade, V-Power and Bronze gasoline to retail service stations, marinas and construction sites. Our V-Power and Bronze gasoline are also available at our cardlock and full-serve gas bar found at our Huntsville location.